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Presence Exercise

Are you living in the Past, Present, or in the Future?
Have you realized that you are either stuck in the PAST or in the FUTURE? It could be that you are sad and unhappy about your broken relationship. Or you are frustrated or irritated about something happened at work. Or you are stressed about what might happen if you don't meet your deadline. 

Being Present is a prime Spiritual state. It is the state of continuous arrival or being here. It is the state when YOU are being completely YOU and being fully here.
Being Present is also the important ability because it helps you become aware of the thoughts, feelings, or moods you are having, or where your attention is.

Being present let you live in the HERE and NOW.

Learn How To Be The Authentic You & Connect with Yourself.
Learn How To Reconnect with yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. 

During A One Hour Group Session

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Saturday April 16th, 2022



Friday April 15th, 2022

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Saturday April 16th, 2022



In this unique hand-on practicing the technique that will help you achieve the state of Being Present. 

There are THREE things everyone must know:

#1 Mood – How to have a genuine emotional connection with yourself and others

#2 Mind – How to control your thoughts and refocus on what is important and actually in your control

#3 Mastery – How to be at your best in any life situations


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